Controller T506B

The new T506 controller primarily in the CW5300 and CW6200 models.

The temperature controller is one of the key elements of the industrial chiller and controls the water temperature in the industrial chiller.


The letter B in the name means an additional option for heating water, if only your machine has a heater. If you have previously used a version A controller, this controller model will also fit.

600,00 PLN
Availability: Immediately

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Product description

The T-506 temperature controller has two temperature settings. One is continuous mode, and the other is intelligent mode.


The default setting is smart mode. In intelligent mode, the water temperature will adjust to the ambient temperature, which is quite smart and convenient.

In constant mode, as the name suggests, the water temperature can be set to a constant value in degrees Celsius to meet the user's constant requirements.


Secondly, the T-506 temperature controller of the industrial chiller is designed with multiple alarm functions and has an error display indication. There are 5 different alarm functions, and each alarm has a correlated error code. E1 - ultrahigh room temperature;

E2 - ultrahigh water temperature;

E3 - ultra-low water temperature;

E4 - damaged room temperature sensor;

E5 - faulty water temperature sensor


When the alarm is triggered, an error code with an audible signal will be displayed on the T-503 temperature controller. In this case, the sound signal will stop when any button on the controller is pressed, but the error code disappears only when the alarm condition is eliminated.