Chiller CW-3000 is a cooler designed to cool water in a closed circuit.


The operation of the machine consists in dissipating the heat taken from your machine/installation to another water circuit, which distinguishes this series of chillers. This solution ensures a better work culture through lower noise levels, efficiency, and makes the heat taken from your application (e.g. machines, Co2 laser) can be reused, which translates into savings!


It is possible to program the chiller to operate in the temperature range, exceeding which it will trigger an audible alarm.

12 200,00 PLN
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The cooler has a CE certificate allowing it to be used throughout the EU.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service!

2-year warranty!


After purchase, you will receive tips on how to properly connect the chiller + instructions on how to set the cooler to maintain the desired water temperature.